Build a Grocery Store in a Food Desert

So if the immediate need is supplying food for those suffering today, how do we stop this from happening in the future?

There are multiple structural players in our society that combine to lead to this outcome. Disparities in housing, education, laws, jobs, transportation as well as many others create an environment where some have access to everything they need, and others have little to none. Some areas of town have multiple options for fresh and nutritious foods next door to one another, while others have no grocery stores within a multiple mile radius.

One step toward a long term solution is eliminating food deserts within our communities. Access to fresh and nutritious foods should be available to all. The Northside Food Co-op is an example of a movement to bring a grocery store to an area that has been a food desert for over 30 years. Click here to learn more about this long term solution, donate to the cause, and even sponsor a Northside resident’s patron share so that their voice can be heard in the process.

Other examples of sustainable long term solutions include examining and addressing disparities in each of our current systems. True structural change and improvements can stop this from continuing in the future.