Welcome to No Belly Empty Records. 100% of the proceeds from all sales go to fighting food insecurity. Check out our above pages to learn about food insecurity, how we can help those currently living with it, and how we can influence our communities and society to keep future generations from encountering the same disparities.

We are excited to announce the release of the album “Working Through Some Stuff” by Wilmington artist, Toren Davis on 7/1/2021. Check it out up top in the albums section. It can be purchased on Bandcamp through the link above and can also be enjoyed on all major streaming services. This album will benefit Nourish NC, a local non profit in Wilmington, North Carolina where over 1 in 5 kids do not get the food they need. Nourish NC has fed thousands of children in the area and can make a $25 donation feed a child for a week.

We hope you enjoy the music and thank you for helping with the fight to leave no belly empty.

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