No Belly Empty Records was founded on the idea that music can bring us joy as an artform as well as be used to raise awareness and push back against societal shortcomings. This label chooses to focus on using music to battle food insecurity. Founded by a family medicine physician and musician, 100% of the proceeds of all sales go toward fighting for accessible, nutritious food for all.

Established in Wilmington, North Carolina during the pandemic, we hope to not only feed those who are hungry, but also shed light on the systemic issues that create disparities in access to food. We live in one of the wealthiest nations in the world and it is not acceptable for people to go hungry. Currently the rate of childhood food insecurity in Wilmington, NC is over 20%. This means that 1 in 5 kids do not have the food they need to learn and grow. This needs to change.

We are lucky to have learned from some of the best people around in terms of creating music for a cause. Those at Fort Lowell Records, also based out of Wilmington, have mastered this process with their label for years. They have helped many and have inspired us to try and tackle a small version of what they’ve done on a larger scale.

We are are also lucky to have been taught about this issue by someone we were in charge of teaching. In this case the teacher was the student. Their work sparked the fire and laid the framework for the fight to continue.

Let’s fight food insecurity with music and leave no belly empty.